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We at Sarahndipity Style believe recycling clothing to make on trend clothing is the future of fashion. The fashion industry is continuously innovating new ideas to be more sustainable. Sarahndipity Style’s goal is to be part of sustainable fashion by not purchasing textiles made out of new resources and not work with overseas factories.  

Our goal is to create hand painted one-of-a-kind clothing that is comfortable wearable art. We accept any mens or woman's denim.

We then will design each collection according to season, trend, and collection theme. After washing and cleaning all the denim we then begin to integrate it with our ordered 100% recycled ‘sweatshirt’ material (sometimes dyeing the material to our desired color). After the collection is created, we begin to hand paint al the denim parts with fun images that follow our theme or in pop culture.

“New York City residents throw out 200,000 tons annually, 14 times the weight of the Brooklyn Bridge – that’s every single year and just one city. Nationwide, it's about 12.8 million tons of post-consumer clothing discarded per year, or about 6-7% of the waste stream of most cities. That's all used textiles.” -Forbes 

Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by repurposing your preloved denim and supporting companies who create new material by 100% recycling.

The company we currently order from is found below;


As an incentive, when you donate to Sarahndipity Style, you will receive a refund for your shipping costs and a discount at our store!  


Please contact us with any questions. 

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